Aesthetic dentistry produced an ideal solution for almost every aesthetic problem that we are faced with.

With worn out teeth, teeth filled with defects, teeth threatening to fall out or already missing we achieve an aesthetically excellent result with zirconia – ceramic dental crowns.

Zirconia – ceramics in a high quality material that possesses firmness and durability of metal but is completely without metal, which makes metal free dental crowns an aesthetically more acceptable choice than metal – ceramic crowns.

Outstanding durability of zirconia – ceramic dental crowns ensures a high resistance to chewing pressure and thanks to their aesthetical characteristics it is practically impossible to distinguish them from natural teeth.

Thanks to the listed characteristics, zirconia – ceramics is used to produce crowns and bridges with the goal to accentuate aesthetics and a natural look and it is with that high quality material that we produce dental crowns in our Centre in Croatia keeping the dental crown prices low.

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