Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a completely harmless technique that brings back the whiteness and shine to your teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, the colour of the tooth is determined by the colour of the dentine, a tissue underneath the surface of the tooth, and not by the outer surface of the tooth.

Why do teeth become dark, yellow or brown and lose their shine?

Apart from ageing and improper hygiene, the most common reasons include smoking, drinking coffee, tea and other coloured beverages like red wine.

Aesthetic dentistry is advancing exceptionally in this field, and we at the Fabris Centre use the most innovative whitening methods that do not harm the enamel and also keep the teeth whitening prices low. The result is white and shining teeth.

The process of teeth whitening in Croatia is carried out in one visit, divided into six series that last only 24 seconds each. That way you do not need to stay in Croatia for more than one day minimizing the cost of teeth whitening.

Besides the whitening itself, our natural teeth whitening treatment includes an ultrasonic dental scaling, teeth polishing and a final protective fluoridation treatment.

In dentistry, whitening is considered successful if the teeth are two shades whiter after each treatment. That way, your smile will look beautiful and natural at the same time.


Useful information after the whitening

After the procedure the teeth will be very white because of dehydration, but the colour will normalise after a couple of days. There is also a possibility of hypersensitivity so it is necessary to avoid cold food and beverages for a day or two. Also, to avoid possible illness, it is necessary to avoid coloured food and beverages for two days after the whitening.

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