At the Fabris Centre for dental medicine the sterilisation and disinfection procedures are done according to international standards and EU laws!

Knowing the importance of this we have decided to specially emphasize our sterilisation procedures.

The Fabris Centre is equipped with new generation sterilisers.

We use dry air, autoclave and quart sterilisers for the sterilisation of our instruments.
The surfaces of the surgical room are sterilised with UV light.

Sterilisation is a process of eliminating all kinds and forms of microorganisms including the most resistant bacterial spores. The word sterile means the deprivation of any form and category of life.

Instrument sterilisation is done in a dry steriliser and an autoclave – moist air steriliser, at high temperatures in a certain amount of time necessary to completely eliminate all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other forms of microorganisms.

Every member of the dental team is vaccinated against hepatitis B for the protection of the patient and the staff as well.

Besides the mandatory use of protective barriers like masks and facial shields we use disposable materials where possible: disposable latex gloves, masks, pumps, syringes, needles, cups, safety napkins for the patient, disposable instrument pads and disposable bags for instrument sterilisation.

The drills are disinfected and sterilised after every use, as are the instruments packed in individual bags.

Disinfection marks a whole line of procedures that eliminate, inhibit and remove vegetative forms of microorganisms. With this procedure microorganisms are reduced to a level where they do not harm the human health. Potential causes of infections and the possibility of diseases are removed with disinfection.

We treat all work spaces: the dental chair, handpieces, prints, prosthetic substitutes and protective masks with laudable and extremely strong chemical solutions (disinfectants).

Instruments pass the process of disinfection before they get sterilised.

Sterility and cleanliness are the only way to stop an infection.

To protect both you and ourselves we pay special attention to sterilisation and disinfection.

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