At the Fabris dental Centre there are no unpleasant surprises. We will give you an estimate of the approximate cost of your treatment during your first appointment, and the estimated price of the therapy will include the cost of all the materials and stages of work.

In the luxurious ambiance of our dental clinic with excellent service and high quality materials you will save on price and not on the quality of service and health. The prices of certain procedures are listed and if you are interested in the prices of specific procedures, please contact us via our web form, e-mail or telephone.

We will analyse your case and put together a treatment plan. You will receive an answer within 24 hours
Based on the therapy plan we will issue an offer and a plan with the necessary number of arrivals.

The prices of individual services and products:


Aesthetic composite fillings from 40 €

Vital teeth whitening – EMS method (both dental arches)- 280 €

Metal – ceramic crown – 230 €

Zirconia – ceramic crown – 340 €

Tooth extraction from – 25 €

Implantation of implants with a primary screw from- 560 €


Download our complete price list in PDF-form.



Some services and procedures require a longer period of treatment and multiple visits in which case we offer our patients the possibility of payment in instalments without interest.

For advanced cash payments of services, based on the issued offer, we grant a 10% discount on the overall price making the cost of dental services in Croatia even lower.

If the patient decides to start the therapy after the first specialist examination he or she pays an advance in the amount of 40% of the preliminary invoice before the start of the dental or aesthetic therapy.

The payment is made by bank transfer to the account of the Fabris Dental Centre in cash or by credit card.

The deposit is deducted from the total amount of the last invoice issued on the last arrival, before the end of the dental or aesthetic therapy.

The therapy will not be continued unless all previous invoices are paid in full.

We have also enabled payment by revolving cards so that you can easily arrange all costs of your treatment.
For more information on the possibilities of obtaining a revolving card, contact your bank.

Payment methods for our Croatian patients


Apart from cash payment we provide the possibility of payment with credit cards or debit cards in total or in instalments to our esteemed patients.
Payments can be made with the following cards: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Diners.



Payment methods for our foreign patients


Payment in instalments with credit cards is possible if it is approved by your bank.
Before paying in instalments you need to check if your bank offers that possibility and if you need more information feel free to contact us.

Insurance refund

Most insurance companies in Croatia and abroad offer the possibility of covering the cost of dental services. To be certain that your insurance policy covers the cost of dental services please contact your insurance company and inquire about the ways and conditions of covering dental expenses.


A guarantee of quality

The skill and knowledge of our experts, excellent materials made by the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers and the latest technology all ensure superior quality of dental treatment at the Fabris Centre for dental medicine.
Our Centre offers a much longer guarantee on our work than the European standard.


Our quality is recognised and certified.

We hold the ISO 9001 certificate of quality in the field of aesthetic dental medicine and implantology, prosthetics, oral surgery and all other services we have to offer.

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