A dentist’s approach to a person with special needs has to involve flexibility, tactfulness and special dedication as well as professionalism.

Davor Fabris D.M.D. is the first dentist in Croatia and among the few today who, in his private practice, treats people with special needs in sedation with the help of an anaesthesiologist.

An interdisciplinary approach is important when treating people with special needs.

Depending on the needs and the diagnosis of the patient, our dentists cooperate with expert psychologists, cardiologists and anaesthesiologists.

People with special needs are people with disabilities.

Because of the difference in the psychological, physical and social aspect in regards to healthy people, the dentist develops and adapts a specific way of communication, approach and method of therapy. Disabilities, behaviour and patient’s needs determine the method of treatment and its success.

General anaesthesia is the last in the line of modern methods that allow approach and treatment of patients.

We resort to general anaesthesia in cases where other methods fail to give wanted results and the condition of the patient deteriorates.

While working with patients with special needs we have gained a lot of friends that inspire us in our daily work. For many years we have approached them in a completely adjusted way and have been looking forward to every success at the Fabris dental clinic in Croatia.

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