Pediatric or child dentistry, also known as paedodontics, is an area of dentistry intended exclusively for children.

Dentistry for children requires a special approach, different materials and tools adjusted explanations and a lot of patience. Every dentist’s mission is to make every child’s visit as pleasant as possible so that the habit of tooth care and not fears are formed from an early age.

Every clinic where dentists make the visit and treatment fun through games and laughter, so that they become your children’s friends, becomes a paediatric dental clinic.

At the Fabris dental Centre we educate children and through games and fun we bring the world of teeth closer to them and instil in them the habits of dental hygiene. It is important to educate children and parents about teeth health so that we can achieve excellent results together.

Our dentists choose an approach to reach children and gain their trust according to the age and maturity of the child and the child’s needs. It is important to earn a child’s trust and then constantly maintain it. The key is also in a good relationship of the children’s dentist with the parents, who need to be in regular contact in case of a major treatment.

Regardless of the sort of illness or injury, dentistry for children has the goal to provide treatment as painlessly as possible. It is important to make a dentist’s appointment a positive, pleasant and fun experience for the child and traumatic situations need to be avoided by all means.

Children deserve a happy and carefree smile!

For many years we have been very successful in the field of dentistry for children in Croatia treating our little patients and keeping track of them growing up. That is why you can leave your little ones with us with full confidence because dentistry for kids is a vital part of what we do.

Deciduous teeth

Contrary to popular belief, deciduous teeth need treatment!

Healthy and functional teeth that allow you to chew and bite food are a primary condition for a normal digestion and a normal growth and development of the child.

Deciduous teeth ruined by cavities lead to purulent inflammations that affect the top of the root i.e. periapical area if they are not treated in time. Besides the pain, that sort of inflammation can cause damage to the root of the permanent tooth often making the extraction of that sort of tooth necessary. This is one of the most common causes of the premature loss of a deciduous tooth.

The loss of one or more teeth in the front leads to speech interference and impediments.

Proper and regular hygiene and frequent controls are the best prevention!


Teeth injuries are very common at the youngest age. We encounter infractions of the tooth and root crowns and often a complete tooth break. In that case it is very important to visit a dentist as soon as possible because the successfulness of the treatment depends on it.

The dental clinic will determine the type of tooth damage and undertake all the needed measures to remediate the traumatic injury and preserve the permanent tooth.



  • The right time for a first dental appointment is already after the first dentition
  • The teeth need washing from the first dentition
  • Toothbrushes are soft and is size is adjusted to the child’s age
  • Toothpastes are not used in the beginning
  • The brushing of the teeth is done jest before sleeping after which the child must not consume any sugared beverage, porridge or anything similar
  • After the evening teeth brushing it would that the child does not eat or drink sweetened food and beverages





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