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The experts of the Fabris Centre listen to the wishes and problems of each patient and by doing so the patient becomes involved in the whole therapy process. After an extensive interview with the patient and a detailed examination the next steps are diagnostics and problem analysis. The therapy is individually and carefully planned and an ideal solution is found for each patient. Knowledge, experience and the care of our doctors with the help of advanced technology enable a quick and painless therapy. The Centre collaborates with top dental laboratories from Zagreb and Rijeka, each specialised for a specific area. The materials we use are certified materials from renowned international manufacturers that meet our extremely high standards of quality. The result is high aesthetics, functionality and exceptional quality of our work. A new, long desired smile and satisfaction of each of our patients is an additional reward for our entire team. Your smile is our passion!

Case 1. Metal ceramic crowns and partial dentures

A long-standing discontent and problems with teeth have been successfully resolved. This 58 year old patient underwent a prosthetic rehabilitation of both jaws comprising of metal ceramic crowns and partial dentures. The first two photographs represent the state of the teeth before and the other two the state of the teeth after the procedure.

Case 2. Fixed prosthetics with implantation: metal ceramic bridges

After the fracture of the incisors and the loss of a few teeth in the back regions of the upper jaw the patient comes to the Fabris Centre to find an adequate solution to replace the missing teeth and protect the existing ones. In regard to aesthetics it was imperative to keep absolute naturalness. After a detailed analysis of the situation and therapy planning in the problematic upper jaw our experts evaluated the teeth they considered to be salvageable by treatment regardless of the bad condition. The development of a fixed-prosthetic reconstruction followed after a successful treatment and upgrade of individual teeth due to their weakened structure. In consultation with the patient we decided to use metal ceramic bridges. The result was a renewed, long desired function, high level of aesthetics, naturalness and the protection of existing teeth and a renewed smile on the face of our dear patient.

Case 3: Bone augmentation for dental implants and metal ceramic bridge

Because of periodontitis, this patient has lost teeth at the back of the right side of the upper jaw. Treatment started by augmentation of the right upper jaw bone, after which the therapy is continued by inserting two implants. Later, a metal-ceramic bridge was made to compensate for missing teeth.

Case 4: Periodontal therapy and metal ceramic bridge

Before treatment, an extremely bad condition of teeth and periodontology has been diagnosed. After dental restoration and periodontal therapy of the lower jaw, a metal-ceramic bridge was made to compensate for all lower jaw teeth, thus solving the problem of the patient’s pain.

Case 5: Aesthetic dental upgrade and ceramic crowns

The patient came with a crown fracture. After the aesthetic upgrade, the central part of the tooth was replaced and zircon ceramic crown with desired colour and shape was created.

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