Aesthetic procedures 


Lip shaping 


Case 1. The patient contacted us dissatisfied with her thin, undefined and extremely dry lips. Her doctor has decided to apply fillers to achieve volume and to enlarge the lower and upper lip. Hydration was achieved by using fillers from the refresh line.

Case 2. The patient had nicely shaped lips. However, she wished for fuller lips with more volume which was achieved by applying fillers of greater density in order to gain volume. Special emphasis was on shaping the lower lip and raising the upper one in strategic areas. The patient was extremely satisfied with the result.

Wrinkle removal


Case 1. The patient contacted the Fabric clinic dissatisfied because of loose skin and wrinkles around her eyes. She was looking for a non-surgical anti-aging solution. With the use of Botox, her doctor removed the wrinkles around her eyes and lifted her eyebrows. Furthermore, he softened the bags under her eyes by applying fillers. The result was a significantly younger look.

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