It is never too late for a correction of irregularities and a nicer smile! Why not do it in Croatia?

Modern orthodontics corrects irregularities of tooth positioning as well as the relation between the upper and lower jaw.

Orthodontic locks (outer, inner, in colour, clear, visible) and dental braces meet the high criteria of modern aesthetics and help achieve the wanted results in a short period of time.

A timely detection of irregularities is very important, and so it is necessary to get the first preventive appointment at the age of seven to insure that the teeth and jawbones are developing harmoniously. You can act preventively during school age and the orthodontist can correct the position of the teeth and encourage proper jaw growth.

However, orthodontic braces can correct irregularities in a later age and more and more patients of all age groups are deciding to take that step and explore the possibilities of orthodontics in Croatia.

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