Oral Surgery

At the Fabris Centre we take pride in our success in the field of oral surgery as well as in the efficient and painless techniques that we use to achieve extraordinary results and fast patient recovery.

Oral Surgery is a branch of dental medicine that covers various surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

Even though dental surgery can be uneasy, medicine and technological progress have come so far that at the Fabris Centre we provide our patients painless procedures in the shortest time possible, with the experience and knowledge of our oral surgeons.

The most common procedures that belong to the field of oral surgery are

  • Implantology
  • Common and complicated tooth and leftover root extraction
  • Removing non-developed, retained or impacted teeth, mostly wisdom teeth
  • Root apicoectomy – removal of the top of the „infected“ root
  • Gingiva (gums) modelling (desni)
  • Bone modelling and recuperation
  • Sinus lift – modelling of the bone in the sinus area
  • Procedures with the goal of solving aesthetical and functional disorders of the mouth

All procedures are painless and short with quick recovery.

Our always friendly staff will introduce you to all the details of the chosen procedure, and answer all of your questions and advise you about post surgery procedures.

The pleasant atmosphere of our luxurious Centre will contribute additionally to the preoperative relaxation making your oral surgery in Croatia that much more comfortable.

An oral surgeon monitors his patients throughout the entire period of treatment and recovery, gives concrete instructions, as well as medicine and expert advice so that your postoperative time until the end of the healing process passes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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