Injuries of teeth, the jaw, gums and injuries that your teeth can inflict on others can be lessened and prevented by using mouth guards for sports.

We do not often think about possible consequences of our actions in the heat of battle even though we often witness them happen. As a measure of teeth protection from possible injuries it is recommended to wear mouth guards.

Mouth guards are custom made for every athlete.

To insure smooth breathing they cover the upper and lower dental series separately.

The guards that we at the Fabris Centre recommend are made according to standards for mouth guards used for player protection by the NBA, NFL and UEFA.

Who are mouth guards intended for?

They are intended, as a measure of protection for teeth, for all athletes who are engaged in:

  • martial arts
  • team sports (basketball, handball, football, rugby, hockey)
  • extreme sports – mountain biking
  • body building
  • auto racing and motorcycling vama, dragi sportaši, omogućuju da na svojim terenima, borilištima, mečevima i utakmicama, budete usredotočeni isključivo na pobjedu!

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