The lips and the area around them are an extremely important part of our facial aesthetics.

The loss of fullness and glow of the lips is a consequence of the loss of lip elasticity that happens because of ageing and dehydration, and the reduced fullness can be an inherent morphology of the lip tissue.

Regardless of the reason, lip augmentation is a common method of subtle facial rejuvenation nowadays.

Lip shaping does not require painful cuts, stitches and scars after the procedure anymore. The treatment is painless, simple and available to everyone, and lip shaping and maintenance are a part of your everyday facial cosmetics.


We rectify lack of fullness, wrinkles and asymmetry with non-invasive aesthetic procedures – application of hyaluronic acid and Botox. Scar correction treatment is also possible.

The examination starts with a conversation about your wishes and expectations.

After a detailed facial analysis we will recommend you the best method of achieving the desired result.

Lip shaping with hyaluronic acid or Botox lasts only for about ten minutes and you can get back to your daily responsibilities immediately after the treatment.

Lip shaping methods will help you to subtly rejuvenate your face, emphasise the sensuality of your lips, accentuate the beauty of your smile and keep a natural look all at the same time.

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