Dental implants can be a replacement for one or more teeth, individual crown holders or connected into a bridge, and holders of mobile prosthesis which get reinforced that way.

By implanting implants into the bone, the root of the missing tooth is substituted and it is possible to fixate the prosthetic replacement, a crown for example. That way it is possible to substitute the missing tooth without grinding the adjacent healthy teeth.

At the Fabris Centre in Rijeka, Croatia that procedure is painless, the recovery is quick, the results are excellent and the cost of dental implants is lower.

Dental implants in Croatia are manufactured from titanium, a precious metal compatible with the human organism. This is why they do not cause a reaction of the immune system and rejection.

The coalescence process between the implant and the bone begins after the implantation and lasts for averagely two months. This process is called osseointegration and when it is finished the implant becomes a part of the bone and is completely secured.


Advantages of implants:


  • Implants can be implanted at every age
  • With proper care and control the implants can last forever
  • The functions of the implants are the most similar to those of real teeth
  • When only one tooth is missing you avoid grinding the adjacent healthy teeth by implanting implants
  • It is necessary to make a digital dental x-ray or a 3D recording of the jaw or just a part of the jaw before the procedure
  • The implantation of a dental implant is completely painless and carried out under local anaesthesia
  • The implantation of a single implant takes about 15 minutes, while the entire procedure including the preparation of the patient takes about half an hour
  • A permanent artificial crown is manufactured after the implantation and the period of coalescence with the bone. Its morphology is identical to the crown of the tooth it replaces. The crown anchors on the implant

After the implantation process


After implanting the dental implants, it is necessary to visit a dentist for a follow-up at least twice a year. Oral hygiene with dental implants is in no way different than usual regular hygiene. With proper care and control the implants can last forever.

The implantation of the implants is one of the safest procedures in dentistry with the percentage of successfulness of about 98%.

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