Implantology is for everyone who is missing one or more teeth.

Immediate loading implants are small screws made out of titanium that are implanted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw to replace the root of the tooth.

It is necessary to distinguish the implant from the popular «pin».
The pin is placed in the existing natural and healthy root as an upgrade to the tooth itself, while the implant is implanted directly into the bone as a substitute for the missing root.

The implantation process is quick and painless.

The implantation process is quick and painless. The implantation of the implant itself takes only 15 minutes while the entire procedure that includes the preparation of the patient takes about half an hour.
A permanent artificial crown is manufactured after the period of coalescence with the bone – osseointegration. Its morphology is identical to the crown of the tooth it replaces. The crown anchors on the implant.
Implant dentistry does not have any limitations when it comes to age and can greatly improve the life of anybody facing the problem of a missing tooth.
Just like natural teeth, implants with the crown enable the restoration of a normal chewing function of all sorts of food and after the implantation the bone in the area of the missing tooth does not dissolve or vanish, it stays preserved.
Dental implants can be a replacement for one or more teeth, individual crown holders or connected into a bridge and holders of mobile prosthesis which get reinforced that way.

At the Fabris dental Centre we were among the pioneers of implantology in Croatia. Years of experience in the field of implant dentistry in Croatia, enviable achievements, continuous education of our staff and modern technology are responsible for the quality of our work and thousands of satisfied patients.


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