Longevity and quality of our work are conditioned not only by the knowledge of our experts but also by high quality materials and sophisticated technology of American, Swiss, Japanese and German manufacturers.



Digital system for recording teeth. The patient is exposed to up to 10 times lower radiation than with a classic RTG device. The image appears on the screen in a matter of seconds and can be magnified with the help of a special sensor.

The radiovisiograph is a dental equipment that allows us to show the patient what we see and explain the findings to them.

Intraoral camera Our facility is equiped with intraoral cameras, devices that enable a detailed view in the most hidden parts of our mouth. The image is shown on the screen so the patient has the possibility to directy see what the dentist sees. With the clarification of the therapy the patient has a complete insight in the treatment and can gain trust in his dentist which leads to a better cooperation. Swiss

Swiss Piezon Master 600 This tartar removing equipment uses more than 20 ultrasonic extensions that are used for the piezon method – from scaling (a linear oscillation method), periodontal therapy to preparation of cavities and endodontics.

Apex Locator – Morita

Designed for machining with the apex locator. It has 100 – 5000 revolutions per minute. This piece of dental equipment unites top level precision regardless of the canal moisture, as well as monitoring instruments in the canal and detailed processing.

EMS Swiss Master Light

These systems set new standards in quality and safety.
Master Light is used for:

  • Photopolymerisation of dental materials for tooth fillings
  • Teeth whitening

Master Light transmits light energy onto the material used for tooth fillings or the tooth itself. The quantity of energy that the Master Light transmits on the object makes it the most powerful machine on the market allowing the shortest time of application and at the same time it heats the dental tissue as little as possible.
The process of whitening is devided into 6 series that last only 24 seconds each and are performed in one visit.

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