Halitosis is a technical term in medicine for bad breath.
Unpleasant and bad breath is not an unusual occurrence with most people. It can be a result of poor hygiene, but is often an indicator of poor condition of dental cavities and sometimes of the entire organism.

At the Fabris dental Centre in Croatia we often encounter patients who have a problem with halitosis.

It is usually the result of a gum inflammation (gingivitis), periodontium inflammation (periodontisis) and a bacterial plaque on the tongue, leftover food between the teeth, on the crowns or bridges. Rarely but not negligible it occurs as a result of pathological processes in the mouth, nose, digestive system, bronchial diseases and diabetes.

Coffee and tobacco consumption, bad oral hygiene, dryness of the mouth and not visiting the dentist regularly can all favour the development of this condition.

In most cases we deal with halitosis extremely fast, painlessly and effectively.

Our programme includes a microbiological analysis, cooperation with a gastroenterologist and a detailed clinical and radiographic examination. The existence and cause of bad breath and an adequate therapy are determined based on the examination.


Halitosis is a minor problem but the consequences can be great. Bad breath is an enemy of your social, business and love life.

So do not hesitate and start your treatment. Restore your confidence and your smile and greatly improve the overall quality of life.

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