Dental veneers


Have you ever wondered what dental veneers are? Well, dental veneers are thin ceramic plates with high aesthetic features that enable excellent aesthetic results with a natural look. We design them with the goal of correcting the size, shape, location or colour of the tooth.

The dental veneer is secured to the front and visible surface of the tooth with special techniques that correct and completely change the appearance of the existing tooth.

The technique we use to install the veneers is the least invasive treatment because teeth, i.e. their enamel require only a small amount of grinding. Because of that, their structure remains almost intact.

Dental veneers are made out of premium quality ceramic, they are translucent and look astonishingly like tooth enamel. Because of that, they look natural, unobtrusive and significantly embellish your smile and at the same time the cost of dental veneers stays the same.


Veneers without grinding (non-prep veneers)

NNon-prep technique of producing veneers enables an aesthetical correction of the tooth without any previous enamel grinding. They are used to correct slight defects in volume, shape, location or colour of the tooth but because of limited width, cases when they can be used are rare.

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