Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry represents the basis of dentistry. It is based on prevention, diagnostics, treatment and reparation of tooth decay. The goal of conservative dentistry is to achieve healthy, beautiful, functional and aesthetically arranged teeth.

The fight against cavity starts from the earliest days. By washing our teeth and going to the dentist we try to maintain the health and beauty of our teeth.

Preventive action is in fact one of the tasks of conservative dentistry.

To recognise the changes on your teeth in time, even before you feel the pain it is necessary to systematically monitor these changes and act preventively to stop a more extensive destruction of the dental tissue that way.

However, if the pain does occur it is usually a sign of cavity or a dental pulp inflammation popularly known as a «nerve» inflammation or inflammation of the «root» of the tooth.

In that case, a conservative dentist deals with the problem with conservative dentistry techniques and stops further complications like strong and pulsating pain, swelling (abscess), tooth loss and the need for extensive procedures.


Dental cavity is the most famous condition in dentistry. It is caused by existing bacteria in the mouth and leftover food. The bacteria produce acids that melt the tooth tissue feeding itself with food leftover on the surface of the tooth. That way the bacteria create a hole in the tooth, i.e. cavity.

If not treated the cavity expands and affects the inner tooth where the dental pulp also known as «the nerve» is located. Consequently it causes an infection of the dental pulp i.e. «a nerve inflammation», swelling and ultimately tooth loss.

At the Fabris dental Centre we cooperate with top specialists in the field of conservative dentistry in Croatia. We detect cavity using the latest technology and restore the dental crown with materials of top quality and aesthetic value bringing the glow back to your tooth.


Endodontics, also commonly known as «dental root canal treatment» or «tooth nerve extraction».

«The nerve» is a popular name for the tooth pulp.

The tooth pulp is a soft tissue in the inner tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. It is located in the pulp chamber in the inside of the dental crown and in the root canals.

After cavity disease or tooth breakage the bacteria penetrate to the pulp chamber and the root canals where the pulp i.e. the nerve of the tooth is located. When the dental pulp is infected, treating the cavity does not help so it is necessary to treat the pulp itself. Pain occurs as a result of the inflammation. It is important to conduct the necessary treatment in time to stop the inflammation from spreading outside of the root in the bone area and to stop it from swelling.

A granuloma or even a cyst can often develop without any symptoms.

By growing around the tip of the root the granuloma destroys the bone. If not treated on time the consequences can be tooth loss and surgical removal of the tip of the root with the part of the infected bone.

Tooth treatment is painless in our Centre and it is conducted by disposing of the infected parts of the tooth with a sophisticated mechanical and chemical treatment of the root canals.

The endometer determines the length of the canal precisely allowing us to fill the canal to the top of the root of the tooth just as precisely.

That way we prevent tooth loss and the development of further complications.


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