Bone augmentation

Bone augmentation is the method of rebuilding a bone not high or wide enough, when necessary for a successful implantation of the implant.

A successful implantation requires a corresponding bone volume in the area of implantation because the bone surrounding the implants has to be big enough to stabilise them during the load created by chewing forces.

The loss of a bone often occurs upon losing a tooth. In cases when the bone beneath the gums is not high or wide enough, a dental bone augmentation is necessary so that we can successfully carry out the implantation of the implant.

The bone of the upper and lower jaw is replaced by one of your own bones or an artificial one. In order for the new bone to completely form it is necessary to wait for a few months.

There are multiple methods of bone augmentation that are used in different cases depending on the size and area of the missing bone.

After rebuilding the bone, it is normal to wait for at least three months until the implantation itself.

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